Monday, March 4, 2013

Back from the Dead???

   Well, this title says it.  Im back from the dead.  Since the last entry, I got a job.  After that my hearing got much worse and now I am recovering from a total reconstructive surgery on my ear canal.  The bone behind the ear drum froze.   That's just one thing they fixed (we think.)  We won't know if the surgery worked for another three weeks.  I am a little over a week into the three week recovery during which I have strict limits on what I am allowed to do.  ( I can't even sneeze.)  I have seriously looked into hibernating.  How do bears do it?  Well, since I'm not a bear and I can't hibernate, I've been working on some things to put in the shop.  Stay Tuned for pictures!!!  Just in case you are wondering about the types of things in my Etsy shop, take a peek at Jenny's yarn and more on Facebook. Until next time!

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